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The Story of…..(dun dun daaah)….SPACE GLOBES

     Using techniques of: lead-work stained glass, glass blowing and glass
etching, the creations Olen Givens  invents are birthed from an
attitude of; “To go where no man has  gone before”!
    The Space Globe is a day dream initiator. In a gentle breeze it orbits
gracefully catching our attention and providing a moment of respite from our
busy minds. When combined with sunlight they sparkle and shoot light shards and prism effects which add joy to your environment.
      Olen was born on Planet Clair and during the Morgock invasion was
able  to  escape unharmed. Missing his home land, he fills his time re-creating memories of his childhood out of glass.

Galleries showing SpaceGlobes

Creative Encounters, Keene NH, http://www.creative-encounters.com

RC Handcrafted Jewelry, Provincetown MA, http://www.yelp.com/biz/rc-handcrafted-jewelry-provincetown

Don Muller, North Hampton MA, www.donmullergallery.com

Sharon Arts Center, Peterborough NH, www.sharonarts.org

Craftworks, Martha’s Vinyard MA, www.craftworksgallery.com

Different Drummer, Wickford RI, www.differentdrummerri.com

Christensen Heller,Oakland CA, www.christensenheller.com

Artisans Hand Craft Gallery, Montpelier VT, www.artisanshand.com

The Blue Moose, Brattleboro VT, www.shopbluemoose.com

Grovewood Gallery, Asheville NC, www.grovewood.com

Craft Company #6, Rochester NY, www.craftcompany.com

Samuel Day Gallery, Cummaquid MA, www.samuelldaygallery.com

Watson Greenhouse, Lafayette NY, www.watsongreenhouse.com

Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester MA, www.worcester.edu/WCC

Hourglass Gift Gallery, Melrose MA, www.hourglassgiftgallery.com

Iago, Blowing Rock, NC, http://www.iagoblowingrock.com/index.aspx                                            

Olen Johnson Givens III (artist biography)

Olen learned stained glass design and production from Chis Pearson; pearsonstudio.com, on sunny Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. Challenged by his mentor to come up with “something different”; to be displayed in the gallery, Olen began experimenting and soon designed his first Space Globe. These “Star Sculptures” were an instant hit. Olen has always been driven to experiment and so his glass constructions continually evolve. Some recent studies which influence Olen’s work are in glass blowing and glass etching.

Space Moth with etching, frosted effect.

Bonita, that’s her name and its true !

Door installation in a quaint Cordwood cabin.. This piece has slumped glass in it. The outside is protected with plexiglass, and installed with a space between the stained glass and plexiglass to make it a double paned window.

Here is a reproduction of one of my designs; Green Eye, in a different size and with glue chipping. The glue chipping provides privacy as well as a beautiful look.

This is glue chipping. I take animal hide glue and apply it to lightly sandblasted glass. As the glue dries it shrinks and pulls up a thin layer of the glass in a frost like pattern. The pattern effect can be changed by applying a thinner or thicker layer of glue.

Pretty Peacock sun catcher.

Another window for the honeymoon gazebo   <3

32” Octagon for a artist school’s studio.

Octagon windows in a honeymoon gazebo  :)